Principal Investigator

Asst. Prof. Herianto
Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM), Indonesia

ASEAN Co-Investigator


Japanese Co-Investigator

Prof. Dr. Daisuke KURABAYASHI
Tokyo Institute of Technology

Awarded year



Collaborative Research Program with Industry (CRI)


Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering


AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) is a regional economic integration to envision ASEAN as a single market production base and create a free trade of goods and services in which one of its priorities is health sector. Beside the problems of healthcare workers that it is still not ready to face AEC, the main problem that our nation facing is more than 90% of medical devices are imported products. It would be devastating because if medical device industry is unable to compete in AEC, Indonesia will just be a market for healthcare sector in ASEAN. In fact, medical device is very important to increase the success rate of the disease treatment in Indonesia. One of the diseases that requires medical and rehabilitation device that takes quite large allocation of funds is stroke. Stroke is a leading cause of death of Indonesia’s population over the age of 5 years. Stroke is a leading cause of death of Indonesia’s population. The prevalence of stroke keeps increasing, therefore the need of rehabilitation for post-stroke patients also increase.

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