Principal Investigator

Dr. Hoang Thi Kim Dung
Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST), Vietnam

ASEAN Co-Investigator


Japanese Co-Investigator

Prof. Dr. Yoshiaki NAKAMURA
Nagoya University

Awarded year



Collaborative Research Program with Industry (CRI)


Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering


The project is a further development of HUST, NU, ADT and A&D TECH about the design tools for aerospace vehicle called HUST-NU software version 1 and apply for design manufacture an UAV using in agriculture. The HUST-NU software enables the Add-on on CFD and combines experimental and numerical method to study the aerodynamic characteristics of aircraft wings. Because of the widely application of UAV in the world not only in military but also in civil applications due to its dynamic and flexible, this project will be concentrated in the UAV used to spray pesticide with purpose raising the profitability of crops in agriculture, the most essential and urgent problem nowadays for the agricultural countries (Vietnam, Japan, etc.). Therefore, this project will be first strengthening academic network among HUST, NU and ADT, and resolve an urgent problem for agriculture not only in Vietnam but also in other agricultural countries with participation of A&D TECH. Experience in academic research and application this research in industry Chance to work with other university in other ASEAN country and with industry A design tool namely HUSTNU software for aerospace vehicle and an UAV using in agriculture

Project at glance