Principal Investigator

Dr. TRAN Tien Anh
Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT), Vietnam

ASEAN Co-Investigator


Japanese Co-Investigator

Prof. Dr. Hiromichi SHIRATO
Kyoto University

Awarded year



Collaborative Research Program with Industry (CRI)


Civil Engineering


With this project, we would like to design and construct an open wind tunnel having maximum velocity of 15m/s at testing section. Measuring system is also designed and set up so that we can measure aerodynamic forces and moments on testing models, flow velocity and temperature around these models. Various mounting systems are designed to hold testing models according to different testing purposes. This project also includes setting up pressure measurement systems. Pressure at certain point on surface of testing model will be measured by pressure gauge. Then signal from pressure gauge will be transmitted to computer through analogue/digital convert card. A computer program will be written with a module for getting data from pressure gauge and a module for digital signal processing. With this system, we can investigate the pressure distribution over model surface in static and dynamic experiments.

Project at glance