AUN/SEED-Net Graduate Degree Program provides opportunity for young professionals and faculty members of Member Institutions to pursue graduate degrees in 10 engineering fields. The Program aims to enhance capacity development in science and technology across the ASEAN region by mobilizing human resources in the region and Japan. AUN/SEED-Net offers scholarships and research grants, targeting young and prospective faculty members to continue their career as teaching staff. Scholarships provided under Graduate Degree Program consist of;

1. Master’s Degree Program (Master’s)

A two-year Master’s Degree Program targets young professionals who wish to further their graduate study and become faculty members at Member Institutions. Successful candidates receive full scholarship while studying at Host Institutions in ASEAN. Master’s students are also entitled to the maximum of 4,000 USD of research grant under the Collaborative Research (CR)

2. Doctoral Degree Sandwich Program (PhD Sandwich)

With full scholarship, successful applicants of PhD Sandwich Program are trained at Host Institutions in ASEAN and conduct their research work at Japanese Supporting Universities under the supervision of Japanese co-advisors for the maximum of eight months. PhD Sandwich students also receive a research grant of 9,000 USD throughout the three-year program.

3. Doctoral Degree Program in Japan (PhD Japan)

This program aims to provide young professional and faculty members with high potentials the opportunity to pursue a Doctoral Degree at one of the Japanese Supporting Universities. AUN/SEED-Net provides full scholarships that cover tuition fee, living allowance and other benefits for successful applicants who are accepted to the PhD program offered at Japanese Supporting Universities.

4. Doctoral Degree Program in Singapore (PhD Singapore) 

AUN/SEED-Net offers scholarships for successful applicants who are admitted to the Doctoral Degree program at National University of Singapore (NUS) or Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Priority is given to young faculty members who intend to pursue the professorship at Member Institutions after graduation. Scholarship duration is four years.

5. Integrated Graduate Degree Program (Integrated PhD)

Introduced in 2013, a four-year Integrated PhD Program is designed to provide a fast track for applicants with distinguished academic record in their undergraduate level to pursue a Doctoral Degree at Host Institutions in ASEAN. The program, combining Master’s and Doctoral Degree, is offered at specific Host Institutions. In addition, students also work with their Japanese co-advisors at Japanese Supporting Universities for 10 months to improve their research quality.AUN/SEED-Net conducts an Open House session at Member Institutions in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam to promote program activities and supports every year. Furthermore, orientation is given at Host Institutions for AUN/SEED-Net students and faculty members who are interested in participating in AUN/SEED-Net’s activities.

6. Collaborative Education Program (CEP)  |New!|

New program design which allows Member Institutions to set up a consortium in collaboration with Japanese universities and other ASEAN universities to work with industry in providing graduate degree programs with financial support from AUN/SEED-Net. The consortium is able to design its own curriculum, mobility and supervision, aiming toward the establishment of Joint Degree or Double Degree of Master’s and Doctoral Degree. Financial support for CEP is provided on a proposal competition basis.