Ms. Erica Elice Uy, one of AUN/SEED-Net alumni, who is currently working as a faculty staff at De La Salle University (DLSU), led a group of undergraduate students to Chulalongkorn University (CU) for a short-term exchange program. Remembering her close connection with AUN/SEED-Net, she paid a visit to our office and was warmly welcomed by the Secretariat. It was indeed a pleasant surprise to see the familiar face once again. Marking this memorable moment of joy, AUN/SEED-Net presented our limited edition t-shirt as a gift to the crew.

Seven years ago, Ms. Erica received a scholarship from AUN/SEED-Net and enrolled in Master’s Degree Program of Civil Engineering at CU. Today, a strong bond between Ms. Erica and the University brought her back.

We truly hope this bond will continue to grow and encourage more alumni to come visit us again!