AUN/SEED-Net Graduate Scholarship Program supports young faculty staff, graduates, and students of Member Institutions who wish to pursue postgraduate study. As the number of awarded scholarships indicates, the Project has significantly contributed to the development of science and technology education in Southeast Asia. Our scholars are now playing the important roles in their home countries as leading researchers, faculty members or administrators at their research institutions both in public and private sectors.

Scholarships awarded by AUN/SEED-Net from JFY 2001 – 2015 1,091 Scholarships (648 Master’s and 443 PhD Scholarships)

Total 446 448 103 94 1,091
Program Preparation Stage & Phase 1
(2001 – 2007)
Phase 2
(2008 – 2010)
Phase 3 Total
2013 2014
Master’s (since 2001) 311 230 59 48  648
PhD Sandwich (since 2003) 66 100 20 14  200
PhD Japan (since 2002) 56 91 19 19 185
PhD Singapore (since 2006) 13 27 5 6 51
Integrated (since 2014) 7 7

Remarks: The number of scholarships of Master’s includes the awards given by National University of Singapore (25 scholarships) and Nanyang Technological University (17 scholarships) in the preparatory stage and Phase 1.

Application Procedure

AUN/SEED-Net Project sets different application deadlines to its scholarship programs. Please carefully check the guideline of the scholarship program for its requirement and application deadline. You can download the guideline from the following website.

(Guideline & Application Form): Click here

As an eligible applicant for the scholarship, you must be a young faculty member, graduate, or student of one of 26 the Member Institutions in ASEAN countries with an intent to take a teaching position at your university after the completion of the scholarship program. Applicants from Singapore and Brunei Darussalam are not eligible for the scholarship program. Most importantly, applicants must provide Endorsement Letter signed by Dean or designated persons upon the submission of their application.

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