An Engineering, the target field of the AUN/SEED-Net, has a close relationship with industry, in developing technology and providing highly-qualified human resources. Therefore, academic activities in the field of engineering can contribute to the advancement of industry. In order for the AUN/SEED-Net to carry out its mission, it is highly recommended that we conduct activities related to industry, such as capacity development for Member Institutions in collaboration with industry, promotion of collaboration between Member Institutions and industry, and actual collaborative activities with industry on the part of the AUN/SEED-Net itself. Being the academic network for leading engineering institutions in the ASEAN region, the AUN/SEED-Net should focus on higher-level collaboration with industry such as collaborative research activities. Based on its position, the AUN/SEED-Net supports Member Institutions in conducting activities related to industry, or promoting the establishment of closer linkage between Member Institutions and local or Japanese industry in the region. Some activities are closely related to the community and can be conducted in a tripartite manner between the university, the industry, and the community.
Please Click here to visit a site which help you in finding your research partners from our member universities in ASEAN as well as applying for financial opportunities for collaborative researches.