Objectives of ASEAN Engineering Journal (AEJ)

The primary objective of ASEAN Engineering Journal is to publish knowledge from academic research outcome in ASEAN countries. The additional objectives are to improve the research quality through review process and to develop the strong academic society and network.

Coverage of ASEAN Engineering Journal

Among topics to be included (but not limited to) are the following Engineering fields

6 Engineering Fields:

  • Civil Engineering (CE)
  • Chemical Engineering (ChE)
  • Environmental Engineering (EnvE)
  • Geological and Geo-Resources Engineering (GeoE)
  • Materials Engineering (MatE)
  • Natural Disaster (ND)

Division of Journal

The six engineering fields are grouped into the following 6 parts. Each part is published under its own ISSN number.

  1. ASEAN Engineering Journal Part B: ChE, MatE
  2. ASEAN Engineering Journal Part C: CE, EnvE, GeoE, ND

Online publication is done throughout the year when a manuscript is accepted for publication based on first come, first served basis. ASEAN Engineering Journal is open for submission all year round, welcoming all researchers in the ASEAN region, including young staff and graduate students. The journal publishes full papers, notes, and technical reports. Reviews are irregularly published at the request of AUN/SEED-Net to the specified authors. The copyright of each paper will be transferred to AUN/SEED-Net.

Review Process

To ensure the high quality of published material, a group of experts are assigned by the Section Editor-in-Chief of each field of engineering to review submitted manuscripts. Upon the acknowledgement of the receipt of the manuscript by the authors, a copy of the manuscript and “Manuscript Evaluation Form” will be sent to each selected reviewer. The review process normally takes six months up to one year.

Copyright Transfer

Authors acknowledge the manuscript is provided on a voluntary basis for the professional recognition obtained by ASEAN Engineering Journal. The copyright of all articles is transferred to ASEAN Engineering Journal upon acceptance for publication by submission of written consent from the authors. When a third person applies for a use of a whole or a part of an article, ASEAN Engineering Journal is able to give him/her permission unless deemed inappropriate. In such case, ASEAN Engineering Journal will later notify authors of how an article is used.