A Program of Alumni for Alumni

More than 18 years of AUN/SEED-Net’s project history with over 1,400 alumni and countless academic activities, AUN/SEED-Net continuously seeks to sustain our good collaboration and expand the network. Alumni Support Program (ASP) has been specially created to meet the needs of alumni for connecting and reconnecting with fellow graduates of their alma mater. This is truly “a program of alumni for alumni”.

ASP offers financial support for AUN/SEED-Net alumni through Member Institutions to help establishing solid network and to facilitate research and educational activities, which will ultimately lead to a long-term and sustainable national and international collaboration.

AUN/SEED-Net alumni for ASP are not limited to only graduated scholars and their advisors, but also those who had received supports through collaborative research programs, university-industry linkage training programs, and regional conferences. The application requires a group of at least 5 founding members to form up a group of alumni or register the group as an association(optional).

Establishing an alumni group/association is not limited to Sending Institutions (SIs) of AUN/SEED-Net, Host Institutions (HIs) are also eligible to apply for ASP. The idea is that the group creates a plan to manage ASP budget for meaningful alumni activities, maintaining the current connection and expanding the network of alumni for sustainability. Maximum of support per alumni group per a fiscal year is USD 5,000.

Through a variety of activities, such as meeting, seminar, training, and industrial site visit, we hope that our network will grow and our alumni will gain useful connection vital for their future career path. We are looking forward to welcoming more AUN/SEED-Net alumni group/association in the region for the years to come.

Below are alumni groups/associations which have been awarded in JFY 2018 & 2019;

Fiscal year Awarded MI Name of Alumni group/ Association
2018 & 2019 ITC AUN/SEED-Net Alumni in Cambodia (ASAC)
2018 & 2019 HUST HUST/SEED-Net Alumni Group
2019 HCMUT HCMUT AUN/SEED-Net Alumni Association  (H3A)
2019 UTM UTM Engineering & Sustainability SEED.Net Alumni
2019 UP UP AUN/SEED-Net Alumni Association (ASAA)

More information, please check Alumni Support Program’s guideline in the menu bar “Application Forms”.

Call for application is announced in every Japanese Fiscal Year (JFY).